Avontuur in Aziƫ

About Avontuur in Aziƫ

I worked on this project while I was an intern at [Pillar Games]( Our client was the Dutch Freemasonry society, they wanted an interactive, software-powered book to tell the story about how freemasonry spread to the Dutch East Indies and other territories, like Dejima, Formosa and more.

My experience working on this project

We worked together with several other parties to bring this project to life. We were responsible for the software, the actual book part of the experience. We worked closely together with DEFRAME, who handled the beamer and Kinect side.

I designed a simple protocol which allowed their VVVV scripts to communicate their touch inputs and page index to our Unity application. After that we went hard at work programming the functionality and implementing the designs and text we received from the other parties.


A prototype in the DEFRAME office, complete with a placeholder vacation picture on the far right.

Our team consisted of 3 main people:

  1. Paul, my boss who helped on the programming side and managed most of the business aspects of the project.
  2. Alex, a skilled animator that was responsible for implementing the design and telling me when things were broken again.
  3. Me, an intern that knows how to program.

I learned a lot of new skills while working on this project. This was my first professional project where I had to do work for a client, but I also had to work with people from different backgrounds and diciplines to create a finished, quality product.

After about half a year we were ready to deploy our first version on-site. Alex and I headed over to The Hague to their lodge to set up the software and implement the last few features and pages on the spot in a three day crunch.

The nice part was that we got direct feedback from our client and we made it before the grand opening of this private museum. Below are a couple of pictures courtesy of Iris Erkelens showcasing the final product.

The grand master of the Freemasonry Society was very satisfied with the final product.


Hall in front of the book

Working together with the people at DEFRAME and the museum staff

Testing out the book

Showing the finished product to the Grandmaster and his wife

People interacting with the book at the opening ceremony