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Line Counter

A command-line line counter for your code. Recursively scans files over multiple threads and counts the code, blanks and comments.

Option Description Example Default
-h --help Shows the help screen -h false
-r --recursive Recursively search directories -r false
-e --extensions Set file extensions to match -e=.js.php .cpp.h
-sc --single-comment Sets the single comment delimiter -sc=//,# //
-mc --multi-comment Sets the multiline comment delimiters -mc=<!--,--> /*,*/
-t --threads Sets the number of threads -t=8 4
-b --buffer Sets the size of the getline buffer -b=64 32
-fp --full-path Shows the absolute path to the file -fp false
-or --only-results Doesn't show the per-file results -or false



Setting t to 1 will make it single-threaded, instead of launching with a thread pool of 1.


The getline buffer is how many bytes will be read and checked for a newline. A larger buffer will be faster as it will have to do less reads but it will cost more RAM (each thread calls getline).


The line detection is not perfect, it is merely an indication.


Comments are defined of lines containing any of the single-line tokens. The following lines are counted as comments with -sc=// and -mc=/*,*/:

// Comment
        // Comment
some_code(); // Comment
some_code("//"); Comment

/* Comment
Comment */

some_code(); /* Comment
*/ Comment

some_code("/*"); Comment
*/ Comment


Any line that is empty after trimming the whitespace and newlines.


Any line that doesn't qualify as a comment or blank line.

Accuracy vs. Speed

By default lc will be reading files over different threads. Because multithreading and I/O don't work nicely the getline sometimes returns garbage lines and your results will be inconsistent. If you want accuracy, run lc with -t=1, if you want speed you should run it threaded.


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