Multiplayer Prototype

I wanted to delve into multiplayer programming but didn't have a clear genre in mind. This project mainly involved stuff that was under the hood, I refactored the entire engine from my previous project, the RPG prototye, improving the rendering, platform code, removing feature creep and more.

This project with programmed in C++ with OpenGL, SDL, FreeType with ENet for networking.

I like to try out new things when doing prototypes, here is some stuff I learned while working on this:

  1. Authorative server architecture.
  2. Basics of networking.
  3. Serializing world data and sending it to the client.
  4. Packing up inputs and letting the server execute them.
  5. Better rendering back-end.
  6. Implementing immediate-mode GUIs.
  7. Line of sight.
  8. Proper text editing (selecting text, moving through text, etc...).


Line of sight showcase

Multiple players showcase

Level editor showcase