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Odin FS

A zlib licensed single-file package that allows you to iterate over directories. Currently only works for Win32 since the `core:sys` only supports Windows as of writing.

Iterating over directories

You can easily iterate over directories by doing the following:

dir, error := open_dir("path/to/dir/");

// Error handling
assert(error == Dir_Error.None);

file: File_Info;
for get_next_file(dir, &file) {
  // ...

close_dir(&dir, true);

If you however just require an array of all the File_Info's you can simply call get_all_files(...) like so:

only_files := true;
recursive  := true;
files, error := get_all_files("path/to/dir/",
                              ".txt", ".log");

// Error handling
assert(error == Dir_Error.None);

for file in files {


Other functionality

There are some other functionalities included. If you want to get parts of a normalized file path you can call these functions:

// Make sure the seperators are '/', otherwise call normalize_path(...)
path := "some/path/to/a/file.ext";

// You can also pass a pointer to a File_Info
get_filepath(path); // -> file.ext
get_file(path);     // -> file
get_ext(path);      // -> .ext

There is also a getline procedure, it simply takes a handle to an open file and optionally, how big the buffer should be.

file, error :="path/to/some/file.txt");
assert(error == os.ERROR_NONE);

should_loop := true;
for should_loop {
  should_loop, line = getline(file);
  defer delete(line);
  // ...