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Odin INI

A zlib licensed ini parser written in Odin.

How to use:

Using this package is very straightforward:

ini_file, ok := parse("path/to/file.ini");
defer if ok do destroy(ini_file);

val, ok := ini.get(ini_file, "section", "key", int);

if ok do fmt.printf("Value is an integer: %v\n", val);

Here we parse the .ini file, get the key "key" in the section "section" as an int. The ok variable indicates if the key was successfully returned as the desired type.

If you want to parse your own types you can add a custom parse procedure before getting the value. Here is an example of a u32 parser:

parse_u32 :: proc(ini_file: ^Ini_File, val: string, data: any) -> bool {
    tmp := u32(strconv.parse_u64(val));
    mem.copy(, &tmp, size_of(u32));
    return true;

// ...

add_parser(ini_file, u32, parse_u32);

You get the value as a string and an any type which will be the variable that gets returned. The typeid of the data is already handled.